Market Place

Market Place will be the final of the THI’s three public realm improvements.  The THI improved Leyland Street in 2013 and Atherton Street in 2016.  The works to Market Place will be the single biggest project of the entire five-year THI.

Unlike Atherton Street and Leyland Street, which are open to vehicle traffic, at Market Place we will improve a space that can be used for gatherings, events and activities.  This gives many options with what can be done with the space. 

The space is where the commercial town centre meets the Church, churchyard and cemetery, the retail park and people’s homes.  Market Place can connect with any or all of these. The location of the space is shown on this map.

Thank You for Sharing Your Ideas!

During Summer 2016 the consultation specialists at PlacED worked on behalf of the THI gathering people’s thoughts and ideas for the re-design of Market Place. Over 500 people took part in the consultation events or completed surveys. This feedback has been invaluable in setting the scene for the work to come. A big thank you to everyone who took part!

Placed have put everyone’s responses into a report. The executive summary of the report (four pages long) is here. The recommendations of the report (four pages long) are here. The full report (43 pages plus appendices) is here.

What Happens Next?

The report by PlacED will be a key part of the brief for a design competition to re-design Market Place.  The first step will be to appoint someone to run the design competition, and the design competition itself will be open for a couple of months.  The winning design will be chosen by a panel and the design will be worked up into its final form.  The scheme should start on site in late 2017/early 2018 and complete no later than mid-2018.

We will keep you posted as and when Market Place progresses, here and on the THI Blog.

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